Research projects

Current projects

Digital News Agendas in Scandinavia

The project analyses the hyperlinked news network in Scandinavia, including all editorial resources in an investigation into the structural affordances into the digital news agenda. The project maps the entire Scandinavian online news network, discovering 1) how the local, regional, national and international news agendas are connected; 2) who is at the centre, edges and in the shadows of the hyperlinked network; and 3) what kind of news is published online and on social media. This will help uncover the structural, organisational and technological factors behind online and social media news agendas – revealing what infrastructures are necessary for journalism to connect with people in the digital age.

Affiliated researchers:

Aske Kammer, Assistant Professor, IT University of Copenhagen

Michael Karlsson, Professor, Karlstad University

Wouter van Atteveldt, Associate Professor, VU University Amsterdam


*The project is funded by Anne-Marie och Gustav Anders stiftelse för mediaforskning.


Diversity in the Norwegian News Media Landscape: A Hybrid Method for Evaluating Media Policy.

The aim of the project is to evaluate the effect of media policy and regulation on the diversity of the Norwegian news landscape. Regulations subject to evaluation include ownership restrictions, direct press support and protection of public service broadcasting. Norwegian media legislation assumes media diversity to support freedom of speech. As such, this project will collect large quantities of data from national, regional and local news outlets and analyse pluralism of journalistic output in print, online, mobile and broadcast media, resulting in analyses of diversity levels in the Norwegian news market across ownership structures, publication platforms and regions. The scale of data required for this analysis requires new methods for processing media content that will be developed in the intersection between media studies and information science.

Affiliated researcher: Truls André Pedersen, Assistant Professor, University of Bergen

*The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway.


Previous projects:

Measuring Online News Content, Funded by Rådet for anvendt medieforskning (RAM)

Journalistic Reorientations: The Online Challenge to Journalistic Ontology, Funded by the Norwegian Research Council. Project Leader Professor Martin Eide, University of Bergen (2010-2014).

Responding to Welfare State Services: An Analysis of Users, Media, and Public Institutions, Funded by the Norwegian Research Council (VAM Programme). Uni Rokkan Center (2012-2016).

Postdoc-project: The Impact of Structural Shifts on the News: New Business Models and Journalism’s Political Economy

Nordic Research Network in Journalism Studies. Network leader Professor Sigurd Allern, University of Oslo (2009-2013).

Digicult – Democracy and the Digitalisation of Audiovisual Culture. Project leader Professor Jostein Gripsrud, University of Bergen (2008-2010).

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